Thank you for visiting our website. There is more to accounting than just numbers. A good bookkeeper knows how to do the accounting, while a good accountant can tell you why. The same analogy applies to income tax services.

The genius in providing such services is the ability to look beyond the numbers and consider the potential impact on the individual and/or the business. Planning for the future is far more important than reporting the past. The following analogy describes how we like to work with our clients. Most accountants get on the bus and go to the back row and watch out the back window to see where they have been. We like to get on the bus, sit in the first row and assist the driver to find the way. Let us help you.

David F. King, CPA, P.C. is an Illinois professional corporation providing tax and accounting services in our local area of West Central Illinois and throughout the United States. For details about our services, click on the “Services” link.

David King, a licensed certified public accountant in both Illinois and California, is the owner and president of this professional corporation. Click the “About” link to learn more about him.

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